Using ASI certified coaches, trainers and public speakers who are highly qualified, we can provide our training to any individual, company, or organization, anywhere in the world. Our team brings a wealth of in-depth knowledge and training experiences from corporate, healthcare, public health, government and military. Our consulting, coaching and training is immersed with concepts and theories utilizing top-notched gurus such John C. Maxwell, Dave Ramsey and many other curriculum, products and books. Our comprehensive services provide top business benefits and return on investments using ASI  Systems coaching , consulting  and learning management systems. These business benefits are many and varied, ranging from cost savings to improved employee performance, to reduce turnover:

  • Costs associated with training fees, travel and accommodation expenses for workshop or course trainers, and lost are reduced.
  • Valued-added training can more effectively and actively engage the employee and produce better test results and retention, thereby improving on-the-job competency and efficiency.
  • Larger numbers of employees can receive training in shorter periods of time;
  • Administrative hassle for course registration and course content is reduced, resulting in a further in a further decrease in costs.
  • Greater volumes of employees can receive timely training as a result of by-distance access to both teleconferencing and on-site training programs.
  • Employee turnover is reduced, as more efficient training and better test results can boost employee confidence.


ASPSCAT  Three Phase Approach


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